Wish List

Plant Pots

Have any plant pots sitting in your yard you aren’t using anymore?  Don’t send them to the landfill!  Instead, leave them in the Roscomare garden where our garden committee will reuse them.

DVDs for rainy days

We received a new TV for the auditorium from the 2016/17 Graduating class!  We could use some new DVDs to play on rainy days in the morning before school starts.  They should be TV shows (movies are too long) that are on PBS kids or Nick Junior.  Examples are Wild Krats, Curious George, Ben & Hollys Little Kingdom, Cat in the Hat, Martha Speaks, etc.  New DVDs are preferred so we are sure they won’t stop mid-show, and used are fine as long as someone watches it in full before dropping off in the office.

Library Books!

You can buy a book from our online Book Fair (ends Sept 22) and drop it off with our Librarian Ms. Eghbali.  You can also donate a hard covered new or used book appropriate for Elementary School readers. Donated books will keep our inventory current and instill a love of reading in our students. The copyright date should be no older than 2004. Non-Fiction-Animals, Sports, History, Science and Engineering, Mythology, Biographies, etc.

Click here for our Librarian’s WISH LIST. 

Help complete our drum circle set for our new music room – cost approx. $1,500:

We would like to continue to expand our current Music offerings for the children of Roscomare. We raised money through Gala and purchased 9 of these great Remo drums.  We would like 9 more to create very cool rhythmic drum circles. If you would like to purchase the remaining drums, contact Sharon Silver at sharonGsilver@hotmail.com to organize

remo drum


8 ipads – cost approx $2,400

Contact office for specs.


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