Room Parents

Reminder:  2016/17 Monthly Thursday Teacher breakfasts are listed below.  Room parents by grade are in charge of organizing lunch for all teachers on the day indicated.

Teacher breakfasts (Thursdays):

5th Grade Oct 6

4th Grade Nov 10

3rd Grade Dec 8

2nd Grade Jan 12

1st Grade Feb 9

TK/Kinder March 9

Teacher Appreciation week (all grades)

Breakfast Tues May 2

Lunch Fri May 5

Welcome 2016/2017 Parents!

Volunteering to be a Room Parent is a great way to get to know our wonderful Roscomare community!  Interested?  There are several room parent positions perfect for working parents that are not able to be at school very much. Please let your teacher know the first week of school.  Your efforts will be truly appreciated by all of the students and faculty at our school.

There is a mandatory 1 hour meeting for all Room Parents on Thursday, August 25th at 1:30 in the Auditorium where we’ll review this information, and answer any questions you may have. If if you’ve been a room parent in the past, thank you, and please still attend the 1-hour meeting so you’ll be updated on anything new and you can collect information specific to your class.

Each classroom will need three-five room parents.  In addition to the two main room parents, we also have room parents who will be the Treasurer, organizing Kiss and Ride, organizing photos for the classroom yearbook page). Click here for a detailed description of each position.

As Room Parents, you will work closely with your child’s teacher and Class Treasurer to plan class activities, including:
-Back to School Night
-Open House
-Various Classroom Celebrations

In addition, you are responsible for ensuring timely communication to the other parents in your class, and coordination of classroom and school events, such as:
-Kiss & Ride
-Other Volunteer Opportunities

You will enlist the help of other parent volunteers for these events and activities- again, a great way to get to know our wonderful Roscomare community!  Please be sure to consult with your teacher prior to planning or distributing information.

If you have any questions or need assistance throughout the year, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you,
Rachel Dworkin
Room Parent Coordinator

CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD a PDF of the School Calendar