After School Programs

Roscomare has after-school classes offered by our Music and art teachers, our computer instructor.  We have an after-school Theater Arts program through Upstage Theatre Arts Schools for K-2 beginning in February, and are also offering an Executive Functions course for 3rd-5th grade beginning in January.  In addition, we have many Star classes and Beyond the Bell. Continue reading for more details.

MUSIC CLASSES – Registration open now for Session #4

Session #4 – classes begin March 28

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ART CLASSES  – Registration open now for Session #4

Session #4 – classes begin March 28

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THEATER ARTS PROGRAM  – our K-2 101 Dalmations Program begins Feb 14th

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Here is a full list of classes offered throughout the year.

Keyboarding I  (K-5th)

Students learn the basics of keyboarding through lessons and games while using Type to Learn Jr and Type to Learn 4. An extension of their weekly computer lab class, attention is focused on correct hand positioning and keyboard familiarity.


Keyboarding II (2nd – 5th)

Students enhance their keyboarding skills while using Type to Learn 4 and Mavis Beacon.


iMovie (4th – 5th)
Students will plan and shoot their own short films using iMovie on the iPads. Students will come up with ideas for their film, write a short script, film, and finally edit their movie. Films will be edited using iMovie for the iPad. Students will receive a DVD of all the films to take home at the end of the session. There is no need to bring your own iPad. We will be using the school iPads.


PowerPoint – 2:50 – 3:45 (3rd – 5th)

Students learn to create presentations and slideshows in PowerPoint and will take home a CD of their work at the end of the course.


Publisher (1st – 5th)
Students learn the basics of how to use Publisher to create flyers, postcards, signs, invitations, greeting cards, newsletters and calendars.

Kindergarten Fun (K)
Students will continue their classroom education with educational computer programs such as Reader Rabbit, Lexia Core 5, Tangrams, Paint, Buggles and Beezy, and ipad games.


The Equipment
Roscomare’s well-appointed computer lab includes 32 Dell desktops with headsets, 2 faculty-only stations, 2 networked printers, and a cart of 25 iPads that teachers can check out for classroom use. Students receive instruction in a wide variety of software applications including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Front Page), Kidpix Studios, Type to Learn, Stagecast Creator, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my child for After School Enrichment?

A: Complete and submit a Registration Form along with full payment for the desired course. We accept Visa or MasterCard and checks made payable to F.O.R. Please seal your registration form and payment in an envelope and bring it to the school office. Remember, the 15 spots for these sessions are filled on a first come, first serve basis. In order to have a class, there must be at least 5 students enrolled. If less than 5 enroll, then the class may be cancelled. Confirmation of placement in a given class will be via e-mail.

Q: What if my child misses a session?
A: While no make-up sessions can be offered, the instructor may be able to provide reference materials that can be used during home study. Students enrolled in StageCast are urged to attend all sessions of this fast-paced course. It is also important to note that sessions are neither refundable nor transferable. If Mr. Hyatt is absent, he will reschedule a make up for another day.

Q: How will my child know when and where to go?
A: Roscomare students are familiar with the computer lab as they enjoy weekly instruction with their assigned classroom during the regular school day. Students should, however, be reminded by a parent to arrive at the computer lab on time on their scheduled day.

Q: How do I enroll my Kindergarten student?
A: Afternoon enrichment courses will be offered for kindergarten students starting in the Winter session.

Q: What happens to my payment if the sessions are full?
A: Payment will be processed only for those students enrolled in the program. Checks will be returned to the parent if the course has already been filled. Please note that payments are neither refundable nor transferable once the course begins.

E-MAIL Mr. Hyatt at

Executive Function skills class

3rd-5th Grades (limited space available)

Tuesday (2-3pm) & Thursday (3-4pm)

Click here for Executive Function Registration form.

Tutor Doctor is excited to bring their exclusive Executive Skills Program to Roscomare students. This 8-week program (twice a week) will help your child learn how to be an effective task manager, and a motivated student. Through unique, hands-on lesson plans, Tutor Doctor’s class aims to teach Roscomare students the skills they will need to plan and achieve their goals inside and outside of the classroom.

Class Overview

Week 1.    Impulse Control – Helps your child think before acting

Week 2.    Emotional Control – Helps your child manage frustration and other emotions

Week 3.    Flexible Thinking – Helps your child adapt to challenges as they come

Week 4.    Working Memory – Helps your child follow directions

Week 5.    Motivation – Helps your child get through boring or difficult work

Week 6.    Planning – Helps your child set goals, prioritize tasks, and create an action plan

Week 7.    Task Initiation – Helps your child start and transition between different tasks

Week 8.    Organization – Helps your child keep track of thoughts and materials


STAR is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to offering extended educational, recreational and enrichment programs, to supporting and enhancing school curriculum, and to expanding the cultural base of young people through innovative, quality programs offered by exceptional instructors.

STAR GALAXY offers a daily dose of scheduled classes, September through June, from school dismissal until 6 PM. Students rotate through several classes including art, literacy, math, homework, sports/fitness/recreation, and enrichment classes.

STAR NOVA offers enrichment programs with classes that allow for a more individualized experience tailored to the specific needs and interests of each student. The wide range of Nova classes includes such offerings as Theater, Soccer, Cooking, Woodworking, Hip-Hop Dance, RockSTAR, Superhero Science, and more! There are four Nova sessions during the school year, each lasting around 8 weeks.

The STAR SPANISH ACADEMY is a year-long program that accommodates all levels of Spanish students and meets twice a week.

STAR was created by experts to make public schools a one stop place for each family. STAR classes and programs are designed to encourage kids to explore, grow, encounter the world, and expand their cultural base. STAR works together with superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and community groups to create amazing enrichment opportunities for children.

STAR Nova Brochure is available at the beginning of the school year.

Click here for more information and to download registration forms

Galaxy Contract and Tuition information can be downloaded from the link above. The remainder of the paperwork will be sent upon return the forms. A non-refundable $50 registration fee and the completed contract are required. Sibling discounts are available, see tuition contract for details.

Contact Christine Kim (Star Director) with questions at 310-863-4655 or email

The Beyond the Bell – Youth Services After-School Program of organized games, enrichment activities, and homework assistance is provided for those students capable of independent supervision to, from, and at the playground site. It is a permissive recreation program available to students in grade 2 through 5. Children may come and go as they choose and by their own volition.

The Beyond the Bell Youth Services After-School Program is not a child care program. Students do not sign-in or out. It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in the program. Children are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and may lose the opportunity to participate if their behavior is disruptive. The elementary program is for students in elementary grades (grades 2 through 5). Students must attend the school where the program is located or live in the residential area.

Parents and guardians are reminded that they must arrange ahead of time for how their child will be reunited with them at the conclusion of the program. Any child not picked-up or allowed to walk home on their own prior to the conclusion of the program will be considered “unattended” and supervising personnel will begin “late child” procedures. If attempts to reunite the child with an authorized adult fail, supervising personnel will contact the Local Law Enforcement Agency for assistance and to take custody of the child. Failure to consistently arrange for appropriate supervision of your child by the conclusion of the program will result in the student losing the privilege of participating in the program. Parents and Guardians are urged to keep emergency cards up to date with alternative contacts authorized to pick-up their child.

The Beyond the Bell Youth Services After-School Program is CLOSED on all non-instructional days (weekends, holidays, pupil free days, etc.). Playground services are only available during scheduled hours.

In order for a student to be approved to participate an agreement form is required (effective July 2010). Please print and fill out the agreement form and turn it in to the Youth Services staff person on duty. Once completed and authorized by the Youth Services staff person on duty, the student may participate.

The persons responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Beyond the Bell Youth Services After- School Program can be reached by calling: Youth Development Program & Youth Services @ YDPsites – (818) 587-4300; Elementary Schools (other than YDP sites).


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